Music is a great way to show your emotions. From being the mood enhancer to indulging and understanding the music and vocals, music is undoubtedly great leisure. Due to its rapid reach and many advantages, a lot of musicians started performing for their lovely fans. Live shows, concerts are one of the platforms where you see your favourite musician or singer grabbing a lot of attention. With that said, we will see some of the legendary music concerts that are popular even at present. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the road.

1. Frank Sinatra Live

The first concert e will be discussing is the one that to place in the Maracana Stadium, Rio. It was on 26th January 1980; Frank Sinatra came Live. Then news reports and charts mentioned that more than 175,000 attended the concert. Sinatra is known as one of the most proficient and popular musicians of all time. He and his collection of songs are considered as the top hits of the 20th century. Also, his collections have hit a top 30 best selling artists of the 20th century.

2. Break Every Rule World Tour

Break Every Rule World Tour

Break Every Rule World Tour took place in Maracana Stadium, Rio and was conducted in the year 1988. It is said more than 180,000 fans attend this great concert. This concert is considered as the greatest yet; best female concert ever attended over the years. This concert was named as the greatest of all concerts in the 20th century.

3. The Paul McCartney World Tour

The next concert took place in the Maracana Stadium, Rio and was conducted in the year 1990. Then news channels and TV shows reported that McCarthy performed for a huge crowd consisting of more than 184,000 viewers.  This concert was later made into albums.

4. Glay Expo’99 Survival

Glay Expo'99 Survival

The fourth legendary concerts of all time are none other than Glay Expo’99 Survival. The event took place in Chiba on 31st July 1999. Those who don’t know, Glay is known as the Japanese bet rock band of all time. The concert attracted a lot of audiences emerging from various parts of the world. It was mentioned that more than 200,000 viewers were present on that day.

5. Modena Park 2017

The last one on the list is Modena Park 2017. The concert took place in Parco Ferrari, Modena, Italy and the concert was a great hit. The Italian rock singers rocked the stage with their vocal and music. It was like the thunder to the audience’s lighting on the stage.


If you are an extrovert and loves attending musical concerts bog or small, the above-given list will be something which you thought was missing from your life. These concerts can now be found in the social media platform. If you haven’t heard about them, we recommend you to hunt these concerts down and check them out.