Attending a concert is one of the ways to increase your well being and get rid of the introvert side of you. Surprised? Well, attending concerts is one way of escaping your all emotions and getting mixed with your favourite musicians or singer and attaining a feeling of acceptance and urge to live. Many studies have pointed out that attending a concert can actually get rid of your stress hormones and make your body release happy hormones. With that said, we will see some of the best concerts of all time in the following post. Let us find out what are they, shall we?

1. Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

The first concert we will be discussing is the one that took place in the Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands. This Canadian indie rocker showed their best in the Arcade Fire show. This concert is still popular between the peers and fans of all age. In the year 2017, the fans of Arcade saw amazing energy pouring out from the team.

2. Throne Tour

We all know Jay Z and Kanye West! Imagine a duo setting the stage on fire with their music? That is what happened in Paris, France, in the year 2012. They are the best duo to throw a party and make it rain happiness and eagerness to party hard. If you have not seen this concert, pause your reading and hit the video play button on various social media, and come back.

3. Daft Punk

It is that time of the year. Coachella time! In the year 2006, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Empire Polo Club, Indio, California saw an unusual concert of all time. It was a gig where Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, a.k.a. Daft Punk hit the stage showering rain of fire. This mesmerising floor and audience gathered, saw and exemplary performance at the gig.

4. Prince

The fourth one on the list is none other than the great Prince concert that took place in Hungary in the year 2011. The love of Prince has only increased even though he is known as the prince of 90s. In the Sziget Festival, Hungary, the artist showed some amazing performance making the gig crowd go crazy. That day was memorable because his fans saw dazzling, rocking and a legend singing his heart out on the stage.

5. Foo Fighters

The last one on the list is none other than the Foo Fighters, which took place in the Hyde Park, 2006. Foo Fighters may not be the star of the night, but on 17th June 2006, they became the brightest star of the moonlit night! A mixture of heavy metal and rock, the stage was shaking; even the demons thought it was the end of them!


The above given are some of the best concert performance you wish you had attended. Don’t bother; you can find these on the social media platform. You may not get the same hype, but it will be worth a try.