Todays Workout and Dance Music party Recap.

Todays Workout and Dance Music party Recap.







Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a groovy Wednesday.

After taking a much needed rest from exercise yesterday, I was ready to go this morning. I completed a total body weights workout with Tamas from expert personal trainer London and was very inspired that we switched things up with some plyometrics. I completed 3 sets of the following, and did anywhere from 10-15 reps depending on the amount of weight I used.


Total Body Weights Workout


* Chest press on stability ball

*Bent-over rows

*Push-ups with feet on stability ball

*Assisted pull-ups

*Bicep “21″ curls – this is where you go halfway up for 7, from the shoulder and halfway down for 7, and then 7 full curls

*Shoulder press

*Tricep extensions

*Leg press

*Jumping lunges

*Hamstring curls

*Lateral bounds

*Dumbbell hip thrusts on stability ball (see this video for an idea of what hip thrusts look like)


*Weighted side bends

*Weighted crunches

*Back extensions

It felt awesome to do some plyometrics ..they really get your heart rate up and you can definitely feel the burn! Had a wonderful session with Tamas and i would highly recommend.


Outdoor Dance Party


Last night was my local outdoor  music and dance party . My local park was completely shut down, there was a DJ playing awesome music, so many people were there- it was insane, and it was slightly misting-which almost made it better because it cooled you off from all the dancing. Before we went dancing, my roommates and I went to our friends’ apartment for some food and Margaritas.Then we headed over and danced the night away for two hours straight! Let me just tell you- I was worn out. I slept so good last night.

We had a before snack Guac from Whole Foods- so yummy!

I have a problem controlling myself around chips and guac or salsa. I seriously think I ate a majority of those chips. Haha, oh well, I think the amount of dancing I did definitely made up for it.

And then, after we got that out of our systems, we walked over to the dance party.

Going out to a bar/club can be a lot of fun…but honestly, this was so much better, I haven’t danced for that amount of time in a while and it was awesome. I’m so glad I got to experience this annual event. I secretly kind of hoped that the skies would open up and it would pour at the end so we could go out with a bang- Step Up 2 style..haha yea right.


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