Month: December 2017

Cardio Tips

Cardio Tips

Hi Guys


Today i had a chat with a friend of mine Mike Phelan who is a LA based fitness model and personal trainer. I asked him for some cardio tips and he was happy to share : )


How would you structure your training for maximum cardio gains, and why?


You can certainly improve your cardio with less than 60 minutes cardio per week, the key is consistency. I would structure the cardio workouts to be split into either three 20 minute HIIT sessions or two 30-minute moderate pace cardio sessions per week whichever suits your lifestyle.


My Preference would be to structure the sessions to three high-intensity interval cardio sessions per week of 20 minutes per session. The reason being You don’t need much time to fit these cardio workouts into your routine and no equipment is necessary, you could do sprints in the park or jump on the bike at the gym. Plus you get the Proven benefits of HIIT which include building your endurance, Boosting your metabolism and its great for heart health.



  • What are people’s biggest misconceptions about cardio training? What wouldn’t you waste time on?


One of the biggest misconceptions about cardio is that if you don’t have at least one hour plus each session its not worth it. Which is not true. By Doing any cardio you are still burning calories and working your heart and lungs so the key is been active. Another mythi hear a lot  is that doing any cardio will stop you from gaining Muscles. As long as you are eating enough calories and having enough time to recover it will havea  positive benefits for your training and overall health. I personally  wouldn’t spend hours and hours per day on the treadmill unless its something you really enjoyed doing there is more fun and effective ways to improve your fitness.



  • How is it best to support your cardio outside of training (with nutrition, rest etc)



One of the best ways to support your Cardio training is having a balanced diet with plenty of good quality carbohydrates, which will give you the energy you need to have more effective workouts. Try to get plenty of rest, general recommendations for adults are between 7-9 hours sleep per night. Listen to your body and if you need an extra rest day or a nap make sure you have them.


Hope you all enjoyed.