Cardio Tips

Cardio Tips

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Today i had a chat with a friend of mine Mike Phelan who is a LA based fitness model and personal trainer. I asked him for some cardio tips and he was happy to share : )


How would you structure your training for maximum cardio gains, and why?


You can certainly improve your cardio with less than 60 minutes cardio per week, the key is consistency. I would structure the cardio workouts to be split into either three 20 minute HIIT sessions or two 30-minute moderate pace cardio sessions per week whichever suits your lifestyle.


My Preference would be to structure the sessions to three high-intensity interval cardio sessions per week of 20 minutes per session. The reason being You don’t need much time to fit these cardio workouts into your routine and no equipment is necessary, you could do sprints in the park or jump on the bike at the gym. Plus you get the Proven benefits of HIIT which include building your endurance, Boosting your metabolism and its great for heart health.



  • What are people’s biggest misconceptions about cardio training? What wouldn’t you waste time on?


One of the biggest misconceptions about cardio is that if you don’t have at least one hour plus each session its not worth it. Which is not true. By Doing any cardio you are still burning calories and working your heart and lungs so the key is been active. Another mythi hear a lot  is that doing any cardio will stop you from gaining Muscles. As long as you are eating enough calories and having enough time to recover it will havea  positive benefits for your training and overall health. I personally  wouldn’t spend hours and hours per day on the treadmill unless its something you really enjoyed doing there is more fun and effective ways to improve your fitness.



  • How is it best to support your cardio outside of training (with nutrition, rest etc)



One of the best ways to support your Cardio training is having a balanced diet with plenty of good quality carbohydrates, which will give you the energy you need to have more effective workouts. Try to get plenty of rest, general recommendations for adults are between 7-9 hours sleep per night. Listen to your body and if you need an extra rest day or a nap make sure you have them.


Hope you all enjoyed.





Todays Workout and Dance Music party Recap.

Todays Workout and Dance Music party Recap.







Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a groovy Wednesday.

After taking a much needed rest from exercise yesterday, I was ready to go this morning. I completed a total body weights workout with Tamas from expert personal trainer London and was very inspired that we switched things up with some plyometrics. I completed 3 sets of the following, and did anywhere from 10-15 reps depending on the amount of weight I used.


Total Body Weights Workout


* Chest press on stability ball

*Bent-over rows

*Push-ups with feet on stability ball

*Assisted pull-ups

*Bicep “21″ curls – this is where you go halfway up for 7, from the shoulder and halfway down for 7, and then 7 full curls

*Shoulder press

*Tricep extensions

*Leg press

*Jumping lunges

*Hamstring curls

*Lateral bounds

*Dumbbell hip thrusts on stability ball (see this video for an idea of what hip thrusts look like)


*Weighted side bends

*Weighted crunches

*Back extensions

It felt awesome to do some plyometrics ..they really get your heart rate up and you can definitely feel the burn! Had a wonderful session with Tamas and i would highly recommend.


Outdoor Dance Party


Last night was my local outdoor  music and dance party . My local park was completely shut down, there was a DJ playing awesome music, so many people were there- it was insane, and it was slightly misting-which almost made it better because it cooled you off from all the dancing. Before we went dancing, my roommates and I went to our friends’ apartment for some food and Margaritas.Then we headed over and danced the night away for two hours straight! Let me just tell you- I was worn out. I slept so good last night.

We had a before snack Guac from Whole Foods- so yummy!

I have a problem controlling myself around chips and guac or salsa. I seriously think I ate a majority of those chips. Haha, oh well, I think the amount of dancing I did definitely made up for it.

And then, after we got that out of our systems, we walked over to the dance party.

Going out to a bar/club can be a lot of fun…but honestly, this was so much better, I haven’t danced for that amount of time in a while and it was awesome. I’m so glad I got to experience this annual event. I secretly kind of hoped that the skies would open up and it would pour at the end so we could go out with a bang- Step Up 2 style..haha yea right.


Are There Mental or Physical Health Benefits to Listening to Music?

Are There Mental or Physical Health Benefits to Listening to Music?


Are There Mental or Physical Health Benefits to Listening to Music?


Music is something potent, and many people will say that their favourite music can change their mood.  We all have different likes when it comes to music, from heavy metal to classical, country and western to pop culture, but for some of us, the music seems to act as medicine for what ails us really.  They say that music calms the savage beast, but is there any facts to back up our feelings?  The answer is a resounding yes.  Music can indeed offer measurable and medically evidenced mental and physical benefits.


A Great Way to Relieve Stress


Depending on the choice of music, and again varying from person to person, listening to music can actually have a therapeutic effect on the brain and cause the stress hormones to decrease and the feel-good happy hormones to increase.  The science behind this claim does suggest that classical music is best here, but for some people, this would act as an antagonist as they do not like this genre of music.  Whatever the style of music is fair to say that music with a slow beat will generally induce a slower brainwave speed, which has been compared to the process of meditation or hypnosis.


Boost Your Mood


Conversely, music can also be used to boost your mood, which would see the physiology of the body increased.  Feel good happy hormones can be soporific, as the example above, or arousing whereby a surge of positivity and energy can be felt.  Naturally to achieve this effect the music would need to be of a more upbeat nature, so faster beats to the tune would be required.  Most people will remember hearing a particular track that naturally made them want to smile, and this is the basis of the evidence to this benefit of music.  So if you are feeling a little blue, pop on some bright and cheerful tunes, and you should begin to feel better.


Positive Pain Management


While the first two examples relate to music being beneficial to mental health, there are also proven cases of music being able to aid physical health.  Studies have been carried out in various branches of medicine, including intensive care patients and those receiving palliative care, which proves music can help reduce pain intensity.  While the study concedes the music may only change the patient’s perception of their pain levels, the fact that they report them to be lower means they are suffering less.


Recovery From Strokes


Building on these studies work has been carried out in Finland that supports the theory that music can also improve prognosis and speed up recovery for people that have suffered a stroke.  The music developed both their attention and memory which are key factors in this type of recovery.  They were also able to demonstrate that the mood of patients who were using music as therapy was better than those who were not.


So, there are mental and physical health benefits to listening to music, so grab your iPod and headphones and get listening to your favourite bands.

My health, Fitness and music Journey

My health, Fitness and music Journey

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